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Note: Updates to the Theme are on the same page you downloaded the theme.


I am Having Trouble Accessing the Product… What up?

If you are having trouble accessing this product, you may access it at the following link:

NOTE: Your Username and Password should have been emailed to you. You may also Login to your JVZOO account here to find your access link.

If you need to reset your Password, you may reset it here (Again, use your Paypal or Email address used to purchase): RESET PASSWORD HERE

I got the Upgrade Offer and can’t seem to access it… What up with that?
No worries, You should have been automatically upgraded and see the module or link in the sidebar. When you purchased, you should have received a registration link for your main purchase and your upgrade, you must follow each registration link and login to activate. Login to your JVZOO account here to find your access link. Also… Try logging out and then logging back in again.

Watch Dr. Dan as he holds your hand and walks you through the process of accessing both purchases in the same members area 🙂

If that doesn’t work, then you can send a ticket to our help desk and we will help fix it. Click Here For Help Desk

What are the system requirements for this Stuff?

  • Need a computer
  • WordPress Site
  • PDF Reader for Bonuses and Such 🙂

What is your Guarantee or refund policy?
On this product: Please read the refund policy on the page you purchased from.

We offer a 30-day guarantee on the functionality of this software/theme. If we cannot help you get it installed and if it does not work, we will refund you.  Please  submit a support ticket (see below) with your paypal or email address used to purchase, the transaction ID, and amount you paid. We will then send you a simple refund form to complete and then process it within 7-14 business days or less. Again, please provide your Paypal or Email Address used to purchase and transaction ID, along with amount paid, otherwise it will not get done… NOTE: your account access and license will be immediately terminated upon finalization of transaction.

Please Read Entire Refund Policy Click Here


What if I still have questions?


Its only natural to have lot of questions when learning something new like this. But we are only two people with only so many hours in a day. We just cant keep up with all the questions coming in, or we wont be able to keep creating awesome RockStar products and supporting our own offline clients.


So here are a few options:

1. Read the above FAQ’s since they will be updated as we find the same questions being asked by other students.

2. Sign up for One-on-One coaching

3. Become a Business RockStar Member and get questions answered by other students and myself in this exclusive group.

4. If the question is urgent and is not covered above you can submit a Help Desk ticket and we will do our best to answer your question in 1-3 business days. Note: Some Have Attempted To Try To Use The Help Desk As a Way For Us To Provide Free Coaching. We Just Don’t Have Time To Answer These Type Of Questions. The Help Desk is Not Free Coaching.


Thanks for understanding and We truly do appreciate you all putting your trust and faith in us and our products.


Be a RockStar in Your Business,
& In Your Life!

Dr. Dan & RockStar Ben Littlefield


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