Tutorial Videos

RockStar Biz Theme: Tutorials

Watch These Videos To Become a RockStar Biz Theme Expert

Watch First – How To Install The Theme
(If you know how to install WordPress Themes, then you can skip this one 🙂

Video 1 – Quick Setup & Overview

Video 1.1 – How To Register Google Maps API Key
So That Your Google Map Shows

Get Your Google Maps API Here:


Video 1.2 – How To Remove The Number In Headline
& Have Text Going All The Way Across

Video 2 – Setting Up Video

Video 3 – Setting Up The Main Background Image

Video 4 – Setting Up The Main Background Image P2

Video 5 – Updating The Logo

Video 6 – Updating The Contact Image in Sidebar

Video 7 – Updating The Color Scheme

Video 8 Part 1 – Customizing The Form

Video 8 Part 2 – How To Remove The Email Contact Form
& Add Text or HTML In The Box
Note: This is for those that dont want to use the email contact
or optin form in the box.

Video 9 – Footer Customizations

Video 10 – How To Use The Mobile Options

Video 11 – How To Use Custom Menus

Video 12 – How To Use The Testimonials Feature

Video 13 – How To Set Home Page In WordPress
& Get Rid of Edit Bar When Logged In

Video 14 – How To Use Widgets
& Get Rid of The Extra Stuff In Your Sidebar

Video 15 – How To Use The Header Plugin (Upgrade Offer)

If you didn’t buy the header plugin then you can still grab a copy here:

How To Update The Theme